A great assignment writing secrets


Assignment writing is not a difficult task for the students who have written notices in their undergraduate classes. But in case of those students who did not write any notes in their early academic career, it creates problems. In university classes the teachers assign writing tasks to the students without defining any topic or task. The students have to do everything on their own ideas.  Good assignment writing always starts with a clear outline. This outline should be made by the students. Students have to start with a general outline for gathering their ideas. If you have time then inquire how to write outline from your teachers and friends. The outline will help you writing quickly according to your set plan. If you have written your assignment in no time then take a break and then proofread it at least one time.


There is a one key to success and that is preparation. It becomes more important and worthy in the case of writing academic assignment.  The best recommendation for preparation is to write an outline before start writing. The outline should consist of those main points which you will discuss in the remaining body of the assignment. This will help you in focusing on your key points clearly. Making a clear assignment outline will save a lot of time from wasting. A well writing outline will organize your thoughts and ideas. By organizing your ideas in a clear sequence in the outline you will feel much easier to search. It also helps you in creating different sections for dividing up your word count in the assignment.

Think critically in writing

Critical thinking is a main character of academic writings. It is always needed to provide a high level of work. Critical thinking is also very important because it is an active part of final marking. So think about your assignment critically to remove the errors present in it.

Continue making ideas

Often seen when the students get to middle of the assignment they become confused and unable to create new ideas. You have to write with continues ideas that will flow throughout your assignment. This continuity will help the reader to get you clearly by following your arguments. For this purpose you can divide your writing work into different paragraphs.

Avoid using ‘you’ and ‘I’

According to the academic writing rules you have to write your assignment in an impersonal language. It means that you have not to use the words ‘you’ and ‘I’ in the body. You have to develop your arguments by using your opinions and evidences. You can get these evidences from some authentic sources.

Use examples for demonstration

By giving examples you can show how the knowledge can be applied into practice. The examples provide clear understanding to the reader in an objective manner.

Don’t use numbering and bullets

The best academic style of writing an assignment prefers to use paragraphs instead of numbering and bullets. So try to write in paragraph by avoiding the use of numbering and bullets.

Include figures and tables

Another best way of conveying information to the reader is the use of figures and tables. This conveys effective information without disturbing the word count of the assignment. But the thing to be remembered is the tables and figures should have clear headings and you have to mention their sources in the bibliography.

Reference your data

Referencing section is a very important part of your assignment. So make sure to provide references of your arguments in well organized manner.  Write sources of your citations clearly.