How to write perfect assignment


Assignment writing is very significant type of testing the writing ability of the students. This is also used to assess the level of your understanding as well as your progress by the tutors. An assignment is different from the essay in its format, headings and sub-headings.  

Assignment writing is a process in which you stand on certain issues and argue out reasons of these issues by providing authoritative evidences to support these arguments.

Preparation for writing an assignment

When it comes to academic assignments writing, preparation is a key to success. In preparation first thing recommended is to write outline of your assignment. This outline should include the main key points of your assignment and will help you to keep focus throughout the work. This will make your key points clear. Writing an outline will save you a lot of time because it will organize your thoughts. By organizing the outline will make your research work much easier.

This will also help you in creating different sections of your assignment and in dividing up the word count between these sections.

Plan before writing

An early and positive step towards writing a great assignment is creating a good plan before writing. Start with analyzing the question and creating ideas related to your topic. You have to think what type of answer is needed for this question. You also have to plan what approach you need to take. Now if you have made a plan then start writing down on the paper your ideas and thoughts in organized structure according to your outline. You have to keep in mind where to cite information and where to write evidences. Also think about sources from which you can collect the data and references about the data.

Before you start writing, find out what’s required for writing

Before start writing check out the material you have to write and read out the instructions given by your professor. Read the instructions carefully to understand and follow them in writing your assignment. If you are not clear what is required for writing your assignment then email your professor or consult with your friends to get an idea about what to write. Then search online information for gathering the data about your topic. You also have to gather the evidences of your collected information for citing it into your assignment.

Reference list

You have to write a section named as reference list at the end of your assignment. Start it with giving the separate heading of reference list. Then arrange your references alphabetically not in numbered form in this list.


This section provides you a chance to write powerful arguments about your research work. These arguments will impress the reader at the end for long lasting period of time.

Avoid plagiarism

Writing other people’s work into your assignment without references is called plagiarism. Try not to copy any part of the other writers work into your original work. And if it is necessary to write some part of the other writers work into your assignment then reference it correctly.