How to write scientific thesis?


Writing a thesis on any project based on scientific research work is called scientific thesis. It is not an easy task. You have plenty of work to do in completing the scientific thesis writing process. However, you can make it easier for yourself by breaking it into smaller steps or segments for writing.

Plan and structure your ideas for the thesis body. Then organize the structure according to the need of your project. Some of main points of the structure of scientific thesis are written bellow:

  1. Introduction

It is the first paragraph of your scientific thesis. Here in it, you have to write the purpose of writing your thesis. It will give idea to the reader about your further discussion in the body of your thesis. More importantly, must write the significance of writing the thesis on this selected topic. If there is a section of previous work added in it, then you must also write what advance or improvement you have made in it.

  1. Thesis statement

The argument or thesis statement will tell the reader what you are going to prove in your scientific thesis. This will clear the reader that what will be the focus of your discussion in further part of the thesis.

  1. Plan of writing the thesis

It is very important to plan how to write and when to start writing the thesis. And main thing to be kept in mind is to make sure that you and your supervisor agree on the table of contents that you have organized for the further studies. It might seem transparent but it is not reality. The reality is that in many cases in which the students don’t discuss the table of contents with the supervisor, their many chapters of the thesis are discarded by the supervisors. So first of all, you must have to plan the table of contents and make sure to agree the supervisor on this table of contents.



  1. Write the outline of the thesis

After deciding the table of contents, you have to expand it into a detailed thesis outline. Thesis outline should consist of chapter headings, subheadings, figures and tables, some keywords that are used, and some essential comments. This outline should be several pages long in length. By writing the outline of the thesis, you will cut down the thesis into smaller pieces. This outline will keep you on track by providing a framework.

5. Write the last set of experiments

In this section, you have to write all of the experiments that you have done in the whole research work. These can be written in an article or in a paragraph. It is up to you either you write an article first and then transform it into a paragraph or write these experiments directly in paragraph of the thesis. If you will concern with your supervisor, he will probably insist for writing the article first.

  1. Results

Results section is one of the problematic sections for the students to write. Keep in mind that here you have to tell the reader what are the results in fact. But you don’t have to translate these results. Don’t tell the reader where from you gathered the data and how you plotted this data.

7. Summary

After finishing all the other chapters of your thesis, you have to write a section named as summary. In this section, you must to describe all the findings of your research work. But keep in mind that you just have to write findings simply, not all the results of your research work. Make sure to highlight those chapters in summary which contains specific findings of your research.


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