Preparation before writing your assignment


Assignment is an assigned research work to the students by their teachers at the end of their degree to assess the ability and level of their understandings. Amazingly the teachers are being known for assigning the writing tasks to the students without clearly announcing the goals of these tasks. But the students should know the clear goal of writing that teacher may write on their assignment sheet. The students should have to well-understand this goal of writing the assignment. They are often given a question to understand and answer in their own words.  Here in this guide we will provide you some information on how to prepare before writing an assignment. These steps are as follows:

  • First step is to read the question carefully. If you will rewrite this question in your own words this might be helpful for you.
  • Check out that you have clearly read all the parts of the question. Then consider if there is any different sub-questions in it.
  • Check the criteria of assessment and see marking grid.
  • Write the structure of your assignment with headings and a bullet point list of all the key points used in each section of assignment.
  • You have to write your headings in a logical order. Make your structure in such a way that you are presenting the information or telling story to your colleagues or friends.
  • Send this structure in draft 3 weeks earlier before submission deadline to your tutor. If you should not send it earlier then you will not be able to get in time feedback.
  • Structure should not be longer than 2 pages in length. And you have only to include headings and key points of the each section not full sentences.
  • Think carefully about the claims of the each section. Then also think what type of evidence you need to support these claims.
  • Do internet surfing, visit libraries and read books for collecting evidences to support your claims.
  • Write a reference list which will include all the references of your material written in your assignment.
  • After that write summary of your evidences and references.
  • Write limitations of your evidences and a reflection of how these evidences are related to your material.

Before the submission of your assignment you have to re-read or proof read your assignment to check:

  • Word count of the assignment
  • Well written title, introduction and conclusion
  • Written answers of the questions and sub-questions
  • Written source of evidence that you provided. Proofread your document and underline all your claims. After that make sure that you have written evidence of each claim.
  • All the written tables and figures are referenced.
  • You have written reference of each piece of evidence, articles, websites and opinions you made.
  • It is clear that what are your own thoughts and what are other people’s thoughts written in your assignment.
  • Plagiarism is 0% in your document. There is nothing direct copied work of other people’s articles in your assignment. any word or section which is directly copied from other people’s work into your assignment without referencing should be considered as plagiarized.