Steps for a Successful Thesis Proposal Writing

thesis proposal writingThesis proposal writing is a major part at Master and PhD level. Writing a thesis proposal needs many steps to be involved. It includes a number of chapters which are written separately or consecutively. Thesis Proposal generally has three main chapters to be included. Before getting on to the writing process, you have to work on a plan and set a research question or argument which will be addressed in your thesis. This plan or question or argument is presented to your tutor by writing thesis proposal. Thesis proposal consists of:

  • Thesis outline
  • Research question
  • Writing plan
  • Main idea

These all the things are included in thesis proposal. Thesis proposal writing needs some certain steps. They are as follows:

Select an adviser for thesis proposal writing:

Adviser is your helper who helps you in all the aspects of writing your thesis and thesis proposal. The adviser will guide you in writing successful thesis proposal. He will give you hints and suggestions about selection of the topic, research question, and right direction of the research. Select your adviser wisely. Choose the adviser to whom you can consult your problems freely. The individual with appropriate knowledge and interest in the selected subject is best choice for this purpose. Recommendation is that students have to choose that adviser whom with they have worked in the past.

Select thesis proposal writing committee:

Choose one or more faculty members from your department to serve you as your thesis committee or jury. After selection, explain your research topic and research question to them and get their reviews and suggestions about your thesis proposal.

Make an outline for thesis proposal writing:

Conduct a meeting with your adviser and discuss your thesis outline with him. He will give his remarks about your research to you. Then you will get an idea of outlining the thesis from these reviews. Outline consists of following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Hypothesis
  • Methods
  • Significance

You have to pay extra attention to the recommendations of your adviser. What he/she said is a key to your success. Adviser gives you some hints about the right direction of your research work. Use methods which are recommended by the adviser in research work.

After getting all the relevant information and suggestions from your adviser about the research question and thesis argument, you have to write your first draft which is known as rough draft of thesis proposal. As cleared from its name, it is your rough draft not the final or actual proposal. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about any type of mistakes regarding grammar, spelling, formatting and structuring.

Get feedback of your thesis proposal writing committee:

When the rough draft of your thesis proposal is written, show it to your committee or faculty members and get feedback about the rough draft. First of all visit your adviser and give him a soft copy of your draft to view. He will take a month or more to view your draft. And then he will give his comments about this draft to you. Read his comments and understand what he wants to say. Then make changes in your draft according to the given instructions by the adviser. When you will get positive feedback of your adviser then submit it to the committee.

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