What is a dissertation proposal?


A document presenting one’s research work in support of his/her qualification for an academic degree is called dissertation proposal. Dissertation proposal writing is the very first step in writing a dissertation. Dissertation proposal like other proposals integrates and presents your research goals and methods of investigation of a question. It is not necessary to stick everything in dissertation proposal. But you have to write clear and well-researched proposal for your ease in writing further. For writing your proposal you can also consult with your supervisor to make it smooth for writing the dissertation.

Conducting research for writing a proposal

Conduct exploring research before writing a dissertation proposal. Conducting research is very necessary for writing a good dissertation proposal. A good proposal should present an understanding of the state of the field on the problems discussed in the dissertation. For this, you can also include a section named as literature review for discussing the previous research and writing informative amendments in it. In the literature review you should analyze the research work related to central question of the dissertation instead of simply summarizing it.

Why do I need to write a dissertation proposal?

The most important reason for writing a dissertation proposal is to provide you a good initiative and pattern for writing a good dissertation. By the good of fortune it will save you from wrong initiatives and wasted time. The second reason is that it is essential part of that contract which will be signed between you and your supervisory committee. Dissertation proposal tells the committee about your plans and give the opportunity to the members of the committee to be agreed with you or warn as potential problem. Once your committee approves the basic contents of your proposal for final project, your dissertation will be completed soon in a smooth way.

Who approves the dissertation proposal?

A supervisory committee and it’s all the members selected by the university, signs for approval of your dissertation proposal. The subset of supervisory committee is appointed named as reading committee to approve the proposals at the time of submission dates.  This committee includes the chairperson and two faculty professors. When you will submit your dissertation proposal, reading committee will read it thoroughly and approve it.

A research proposal is not an essay at all

Dissertation proposal many times look like an essay in some subjects such as humanities and social sciences. But it is not correct. There is a basic difference between the essay and dissertation proposal. The difference is the essay must to prove a thesis while a proposal is only a procession for the further process. In a proposal, the writer must have to write a statement called as argument for disclosing how to prove it later in the dissertation body.

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