What to write in a great assignment

Assignment is an extended or detailed document which is actually based on the research work. Once you have gathered the mass of research work then you have to write its outline in a sequence. Now you need to write it down on the paper. Start with introducing your research. Select an interesting topic that should have power of attracting the reader’s attention towards your assignment. Assignment writing requires a proper time period and full attention. You must to quit all the tasks but not to quit pen and paper. It seems to be very difficult writing an assignment individually. But it is essential for scoring good marks in your degree. In this article we will discuss what to write in a great assignment. Let’s start with first step.
Introductory sentences
First step in writing assignment is to introduce your ideas. Write an attracting topic and then define it in relation to your assignment body. You can present your focus in this section. Also write the significance of research on your selected topic.
Assignment body or discussion
After writing the introduction, you have to discuss it briefly. In discussion segment you have to explain your focuses and ideas related to your research work. Here you will write your methods and experiences also.
Style of writing
You have to adopt a unique style of writing your assignment. Your natural style of writing can favor you in writing your good assignment. So try to write in your natural style for the uniqueness of your assignment. You can boost your writing skills by reading the English literature and many other English articles. Also visit library to read some great books of English writers. By doing this you will get a good idea of writing a great assignment.
Write examples for the support of your theory
Example itself is called as a short story. So try to use examples for the explanation of your theory. These examples will support your theory and will help to demonstrate your ideas to the reader clearly.
Conclude some specific things from your research
There is a big difference between conclude and conclusions. To conclude means to make some assessment or inference from the general discussion. And the conclusions mean to write the results of the research what they are in fact. So in the section of concluding you have to conclude something specific from your overall research and discussion.

You have to reference your all research work. Make a reference list and write all the references that you can provide to prove the originality of your work. Write as much references as you can to show the reader a wide range of your research.
How to avoid plagiarism in writing a great assignment
Don’t try to write any copied section in your original document. This will destroy your all original work also. If you have to write any segment of others work then do reference it completely to avoid plagiarizing.
Findings and results
If you are writing an assignment on any scientific topic, then you have to write the findings and results separately. And if you are writing the social sciences assignment then you can write these two sections together in one segment. In findings you must to tell clearly what experiences you have done in completing this research work. And in results you have to write the real results that are actually you have evolved from all this research work.